Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shameless Advertisement of Kyle's Music and His Band

I'm with the band.

I've always wanted to say that!

As the girlfriend of a musician, I have a standard to uphold.

I guess you could say I'm the roadie, but I'm a waste of a roadie. I can coil up mic cables with the best of them, but that's the farthest I go in dealing with the equipment. I don't want to be responsible for any malfunctions. I'm also learning what everything is and what it does, so I can't even talk like I know what I'm doing. Mic cables. Got it!

But generally, I like to hold myself up on cute heels and film all of the songs.


Kyle hosts an open mic night either once or twice per month on Thursdays at the Somerset County Library in Bridgewater, NJ at 7:00 pm. It's usually a packed house with a full line-up.
(want to perform? check out, click on calendar of events, and you will see 'Open Mic Cafe Night'--sign up!)

It's always a great show with a lot of variety...singers, guitar players, harmonica, poets, a comedian!, and usually lasts until around 9:00 pm.

The host is east on the eyes as well.  Just another reason to come by!
(I said this was shameless, right? ;] )

Here is some ear candy for you all to enjoy of my Kyle performing at Tumulty's Pub:

(Nick Geremia is on mandolin next to him)

and about that band...

We were out one Tuesday at another open mic night. After Kyle finished performing, another performer comes over to him and says 'hey man, great set! you're like a...less douchey...john cougar mellencamp.'


enter in Nick Geremia.

Well, this sparked their conversation, two others joined in, and in the end, the Gentlemen of Jersey Folk were born.

Kyle Pucciarello, Nick Geremia, Brian Curry, and Tyler Rousseau

They perform both together and solo in their shows, original songs and covers, a variety of genres, guitars, mandolins, banjos, harmonicas, and a box cajon for BEATS YO.

Their first show ever was at Tumulty's Pub on February 28--so full of energy and barely any room to move around it was so full! Here's a taste of that show:

In the area? Come see the guys!

April 4: The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ @ 8:30
May 2: Tumulty's Pub in New Brunswick, NJ @ 8:00

So check out YouTube and Facebook and give them some love!
Facebook-Kyle Pucciarello Music-lists all of the open mic nights at the library and all of the Gent's shows if you want to start adding them all to your Google Calendar. :]

Thoughts of the day:
Why is white chocolate called 'chocolate' when it has nothing to do with cocoa at all? Cocoa butter doesn't count as cocoa.
Can anyone learn how to sing and not sound like a terrified cat? I would love to sound like Christina Perri. Who can help me?